My life in 90 days? What the heck?!

Ok, so I just post about the idea that I had: that we, autistics, should use visualisation techniques to improve our coping skills, especially at times of change. However, visualisation is normally associated with New Age, The Secret and manifesting whatever we want. Which is not going to happen for most people, let’s be honest. So I thought what if I visualise ordinary life in 90 days, one where I possibly have a new haircut and a chin up. And guess what? I just couldn’t do that!

It seems so simple when you think about it before the relaxation that is required to visualise anything. But when I actually tried to do that, I couldn’t, my mind totally protested saying she’s not going to waste any effort on visualising mundane life. So I had no choice but to visualise success.

It’s really strange, I’m telling you. What is going to happen now? What if I continue to visualise success twice a day? Will I not become discouraged when it doesn’t come? After all it was only meant as a technique to make me feel better. I’m really confused now, but I suppose I’ll continue and keep posting about it. We shall see how I feel in those 90 days. Maybe I need those big ideas to actually get out of bed?

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