I was naughty just a minute ago

I just told dr Orloff’s assistant what I think about her boss. I actually feel a bit bad for the assistant, although, I suppose if she had some common sense she’d change a job? I don’t know how those things work really, I would find it extremely difficult to work for someone who I wouldn’t respect. Even if they were funny and talkative (and we know that I’m not too much into social chat), if I thought they’re stupid and the service they deliver is pure nonsense, I’d quickly find another job. But maybe that works differently for neurotypicals?

I can’t help it, but I’m very distressed about the fact that people like that are even allowed to practice in the area of mental health. I’d think mental health services are regulated? I suppose dr Orloff is private, but still, does that mean she can talk rubbish? But then, there are people who listen.

I guess loads of people don’t want to go deep enough in their pursuit of answers. The fact that someone may not understand subtle hints and body language and that’s why they’re appearing annoying won’t even cross their mind. But then, maybe someone needs to tell them? And yes, what’s happening after I pointed out to dr Orloff that she got her emotional vampires theory wrong is that her assistant suggested me another book about emotional vampires and gracefully explains that dr Orloff doesn’t know much about autism.

But there are loads of people who are not diagnosed! Every mental health professional should know sensible amount about that.

You have no idea how upset I am.

However, at least I have something to focus on: studying stupidity of some mental health professionals. Even though that’s not in DSM.

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