Redecor – things will never be the same again

Since I started doing my patterns (fractals?) in PicsArt I had to change the way how I approach my Redecor designs. I pretty much use them to create some pops of colours around the image. I doubt I’ll be able to go back to the way how I approach them earlier.

And what happened now is, all the new items that are being introduced to The inventory don’t excite me anymore. It is a bit sad, when you think about it. I used to love Redecor, now it’s just a tool.


That’s one of the patters I made recently. And this is the input image:


The Before is not very pretty, is it? But if I try to make it pretty – the way that I see pretty in design (with loads of patterns) it ends up looking like a mess when I process it. So I avoid patterns on Redecor now but use loads of colours.

If you want to see my earlier Redecor designs, they are on my Instagram account, you just need to scroll down a bit to see them. I still think Redecor is an amazing game.

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