WordPress is being funny

I wrote a post several minutes ago but couldn’t add tags to it for some reason, so I thought, let me publish it first and hopefully I will be able to add tags later but that post is just not there! It completely disappeared! It wasn’t very long, but I don’t feel like writing it again. I think, as I already released thoughts and feelings related to what I was writing about, trying to repeat it will feel strange, possibly even like if I’m faking it? I don’t want to fake anything on my blog.

But I wonder now if a neurotypical person would feel the same way?

My stomach seems to finally be a bit smaller. It’s 6.40am and I’m wondering if I should fast again today or perhaps it’s too soon? I’ll decide a bit later.

At the moment I’m at work, technically on a sleep in (the mattress is reasonably good in this place). The sleep in shift finishes at 7am, but obviously that doesn’t mean I can sleep till 7am. Btw I was awake at 5am as I was too hot. Being oversensitive to cold makes me really worried that I may get cold and uncomfortable and as a result I sometimes end up too hot. I didn’t want to turn the radiator off in my bedroom yesterday, even though I don’t use heating at home during the night, but in here I don’t have my thick ‘luxury’ duvet so I was worried. I sometimes think I’m getting paranoid about feeling cold. I wonder if this could be changed.

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