Starbucks caramel latte

I don’t suppose my photos are extremely appealing, but then, I’m not a photographer. I’m also not a lifestyle blogger so I guess that should be ok? I had a pair of socks visible on the first photo I took. Pair that I got in the hospital in Weston-super-Mare after I got sectioned and brought there with no change of clothes. I had my safety blanket with me though. Oh, BTW, I realised recently I’m not really using it any more. Strange.

Anyway, I bought this coffee in a small Premier that I popped into on the way from work. It is s treat, I suppose, £2.49 for 5 sachets, but it doesn’t mean I can’t afford it (I’m sorry, but I know some people would interpret this statement like that).

I guess that’s my first product review? It’s ok, although the flavour of coffee is too strong and slightly bitter so I ended up putting milk to it and that killed the subtle caramel flavour. I’m not saying the coffee was bad but I guess, for that price, I won’t be buying again.

It’s funny how some products, not any better than others but with a recognised logo, cost more and some people totally go for it.

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