It’s so cool that people read my blog!

I don’t have many readers, still I have some. I’m really curious how people got to find me. Those are my statistics for today:

I would like to say hello to all of you. Because of you I feel like what I do here really makes sense. Thank you.

5 responses to “It’s so cool that people read my blog!”

  1. If I’m remembering correctly, I think I found you and your blog via WordPress’ Recommended Posts. Your stats are very impressive. Congrats Magda on your blog being read by a lot of people and from 8 countries (wow!).


    1. Thank you 🙂

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  2. Magda already knows this – however other people who read this blog [Autistic and me] don’t.

    In the same way I don’t know how you [general blogger/commenter you] found Magda’s blog.

    [it was interesting, for instance, that the person above me found it from WordPress Recommends]

    I found the blog from the link in LEARN FROM AUTISTICS in October 2021 [a month after Magda’s interview which had been published that September].

    [and it seems I may have actually found it at the end of September/early October – when I read the Flo Neville on Health and Wellbeing and Laura Weldon on Embracing Neurodiversity in Medicine ].

    For those who don’t know that blog it was created by Jenna Gensic and nearly every week it has a new Autistic to learn from [fewer recently because of the new book] – this week’s lot were Jeff Snyder and Alan Conrad – AC wrote a book about shyness.

    And by the way – When Deadlines Become Zombies looks like a very cool blog from what I read of it so far – and the other one too.

    People can wonder „Am I the only [insert nationality] to be reading this blog?”

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    1. Oh, thank you, yes, I gave an interview on Learn from Autistics. I think it’s a very good website.


    2. Thanks Adelaide; I appreciate this a lot. 🙂


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