Online planner – throwing my hands up

After I told the agency yesterday that I don’t need any shifts for next week as I already have plenty, and only then realising I don’t even have one, I decided it’s time to organise myself. However, can one tell me how to do that? I downloaded 7 different shift planner apps from Play Store today and neither of them presents me the information in a way I need it. They just show either colour or first word of the shift name (which for me is the address where I work) in the main view which tells me nothing because shifts for me have different duration. So I still don’t know how many hours a week I work, I just know that I have a shift. This is really not helping.

It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get a shift next week as this week I’m working 40h plus two sleepins, which are paid standard hourly rate so that ads up to 64h, which is more than double the hours I want in a week and I don’t actually need those hours to be spread out evenly. I think I’m naturally into extremes (possibly that’s why intermittent fasting works for me) so in a way it’s good that workig for agency allows me to give in to that side of my personality – yet, I can’t find an online planner that would easily show me how many hours a week I work.

I may need to go back to traditional planer – yet, there are challenges there too: I wrote down my dental appointment for 5th of March under the 2nd! Why? Why am I so disorganised, what is wrong with me? And it’s not like the reception was busy at the time and I felt rushed.

So it’s not just the technology that made me throw my hands up – it’s just me being me!

Funny thing is that I have quite a good memory for dates and times. Before I started working shifts I only used diaries in ‘just in case’ way because I remembered days and times of all my appointments. If what I remembered was different to what was in my diary it always turned out it was the diary that was wrong. Does that make any sense? How come I can remember things correctly but write them down wrong?

Regarding technology, someone suggested Google calendar. I’ll try this one now before I throw my hands up again.

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