Googe calendar is a winner

I’m all for supporting small companies but after trying various other planners I need to admit that Google calendar is the only one that gives me almost exactly what I want. I didn’t find how I can check how many hours per week I work but at least it presents the information in a visual format and I hope I’ll be able to work out from that view whether I have a lot of work for a certain week or not enough. It also gives me an option of adding location, which is great. I updated it for this week and that’s how it looks like:

The word Luty means February in Polish. I chose Polish as default language for my mobile when I set it up and now everything is in Polish, whether I want it or not. Never mind.

Oh, BTW, my dentist appointment is on the 2nd of March, exactly how I wrote it down in my traditional diary. Which makes me feel slightly better about my organisation skills, however, I now wonder, how come I came up with the idea that it’s on the 5th? (Which is Saturday btw). Perhaps the reminder was sent on the 5th of February and I somehow misread it? Which makes me feel bad about myself again. OMG, possibly I should start reading things properly instead of scanning text and making assumptions about what is in it?

In situations like that I feel really useless and upset. Yet, I never came up with an idea on how to avoid them in the future. I just said above I should possibly read text instead of scanning it to look for keywords. But I don’t think I like reading, you know? Or at least not those automatic messages. They’re so boring and sometimes wrote down in a way that I can’t follow. Looking for keywords makes it easier for me to work out what I’m supposed to do with them.

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