Dating advice – Jonathon Aslay

The above is a link to one of Jonathon’s YouTube videos. I promised a few days ago that I’ll find out a bit more about Jonathon and what he is about and I decided he’s ok. I don’t agree with absolutely everything that he says but I think this is ok too – we are all different and there’s no advice that would suit everyone all the time. Women are all different and men are all different too, we need to remember that (I think I sometimes don’t, but then, I’m autistic).

Sometimes I feel that he doesn’t go deep enough in his advice but at the same time he’s very down to earth and he tells the truth about men, also the truth that is a bit unpleasant and that other dating advice seems to gloss over – and I mean here ‘men (at least majority of them) will say absolutely everything to get laid.’ Nice, isn’t it? But those can be the same men who will want a relationship when they meet the right woman. This is just how the world is designed, so don’t despair.

It’s 7.15pm and I feel like I’m starting to get my energy back. I also want a biscuit but don’t have any at home. My hair is wet after a shower. The closest shop is just 3 minutes walk away. What should I do?

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