Latest pattern creation

I guess sometimes it may be easier to add my pattern in a separate post, instead of adding them as illustrations for posts about my emotions. It feels to me like, if I include my pattern images to be part of my posts, they should somehow reflect the emotions I write about and it gets so confusing.

I am aware that colours have their meaning but it’s personal, isn’t it? For me yellow, which is my favourite colour, represents happiness and joy while purple represents stress and all the difficult emotions. Blue is about energy and letting the life take its course (something that I have problems with a lot) and red is about self care and self discovery. I guess it’s not like that for everyone, that’s why communicating with colours wouldn’t really make sense.

I will still occasionally be adding my patterns into posts but quite possibly, if I like a particular pattern a lot, I’ll just add it separately. I hope readers will understand.

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