I have no sense of danger

What just happened now is so scary. I had this idea to reject my part of the inheritance so thst my brother gets it. Not that I want to do that really, and it’s certainly not what my mum wanted. But I can already imagine the fight between me and my brother if he already started now, while getting the funeral ready. But I didn’t think it will be more than actual arguments. Even though I’m convinced it was him who was responsible for my mum’s accident, the though that he may actually try to hurt me never occured to me. He was respectful, in his own way obviously, to me, although I am aware that was probably because I didn’t nag him to stop drinking.

However, I know he has the ability to get very angry. And he was angry with me a lot. My mum told me that after I finished university, he demanded the same amount of money she supported me with when I was studying. He didn’t get it, but refused to understand that he can’t just get money for nothing. I wonder how many things mum wasn’t telling me about him because she didn’t want me to be angry with him.

What my mum wanted was that my brother gets some of her money but doesn’t spend it on alcohol. There is no provision for this type of arrangement in Poland, that’s why she never made a will. So by rejecting my part of inheritance I would not really follow my mum’s wishes but I was already fed up thinking about my brother’s reaction, especially after I moved mum to a private care home instead of bringing her home and taking care of her while cooking for him. So I checked a website about inheritance law and found that article that was written in a strange way, mentioned ‘death before paying of the mortgage’ and then that someone who rejects inheritance ‘is being treated by law like dead’ and I got really scared.

I only realised then that my life may actually be in danger. Who knows what my brother and his mates are capable of? Alcohol turns people into animals especially when money is involved. And for me he is still my brother so I don’t fully get it. I can see how nasty he can get sometimes and yet won’t make it mean anything more than that. It doesn’t make sense to me. Yet, I got scared while reading this website because I must have knew subconsciously that something is not right there.

Thank God for bringing this article to me.

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