I think I have challenging communication style

And does that have to be a problem? In some situations it probably is. What I realised within the last couple of months is that I should never challenge people that I want to work with. Seriously, I didn’t know that before. I actually thought that if I wanted to work with somebody I need to challenge them even more, to test them.

I mean I still didn’t fully put the old type of thinking aside… I however behave differently. Challenging is good, however, if I think that someone tells loads of crap. Perhaps the blog is a good outlet for me? And does that matter if my gramar is not perfect? For some people it probably does, I’ll let them get on with this.

I think it’s almost time to share something that I was hiding so far. I won’t do that in this post as I’m cooking dinner (beef stew) and it could end up getting burned.

I just want to say that this thing relates to my employment tribunal claim against Home Group. It’s hilarious in a way. It’s about me creating a challenge in variety of ways while not being able to predict long term consequences of my actions.

It’s definitely about how my autism affects me. I can say at this time that, as we all know, neurotypical people twist procedures to fit them into social situations that they want to achieve. I do the opposite: I twist the social context to get people to follow the procedure I want. Or, to break one.

I’ll get back to this later on. Which may be in a day or two. For now, I’m going to the kitchen, to cook.

In the meantime have a look at my newest patterned art. It may not be for everyone but I like it.

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