Sexuality and instinct again

A little update after publishing my previous post: I did use specific examples in that posts and a phrase that I used to move forward in confusing dating situation.

However, either as an autistic or not autistic female, you are not to use any phrase that you hear someone else using to deal with a man. If you do that, that’s not instinct, that’s the same thing so many people are doing already when thinking how many times he called or how much he paid for a date – it just becomes new, learned trick.

Learned tricks never work in complex dating situations. You can never repeat after anyone, ever. You have to work it out. You have to use your own judgment at all times, not what someone else says. You have to create your own rules and always check in with yourself how what you are about to do is making you feel. If anything makes you uncomfortable don’t do that. No matter what anyone else says.

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