I run out of creativity

I slept around 9 hours last night, but the previous night was only 6, so it’s not excessive. Before I started Sleep School it would be six hours one night and then five the next so it really is an improvement. Btw I can’t work out when my subscription runs out. The app states that the yearly subscription started on the 1st of January 2021 but I was sure that it was a bit later than that so had a look at my old emails yesterday and they mentioned two dates: 5th and 12th of January but it’s all very confusing and I now can’t work out if the app will stop workig on the 12th.

I mean, I don’t have problems with paying for it as it’s very helpful and 30 pounds per year for good quality sleep is really nothing. What I have problem with is, if the app will continue to work. It will feel like stealing if I continue to use it and I don’t feel like I want to contact the customer service as I in the past sent them an inappropriate email or possibly even two. I guess, it’s possible they don’t remember, but what if they do? I certainly remember!

I complained yesterday that I feel like I run out of my creativity. I still feel like this today and it will probably last for at least a couple of days. I remember I did this complicated pattern sometimes before Christmas:

That was really easy to do

I don’t quite remember how and which Redecor design I used for it but I remember I did it quite quickly and that it was easy. And what I did yesterday? A couple of triangles. Oh well…

I’ve been thinking recently about the cons of posts without images. Well, obviously for the reader they may not be that attractive but the purpose of my blog is to record my thinking process as an autistic person and it feels to me like illustrations should make sense. Even in a simple way like what I did above – I added an image I did when I felt really creative and explained I can’t do similar one now.

Adding images just for the sake of it seems counterintuitive for me, but also allowing myself for posts without images will give me flexibility of posting whenever I feel that something worth recording happened, without worrying too much about it.

My head feels really tired today. Possibly reading news is good activity for a day like today.

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