I wish for an ordinary day

You know what, I’m seriously fed up with all those Bank Holidays, which is how days free of normal working patterns are called in the UK. First of all I don’t understand the word ‘bank’ – where does it come from, I have no idea. Moreover, no one who I asked had any idea either. I could probably Google it but I’d rather wait for this knowledge to come to me in a more unexpected way.

Second of all I think it’s a bit excessive to have two extra days off only because Christmas happened during the weekend. And now we have another extra day off because New Year happened on Saturday. I wouldn’t probably mind if New Year was sometimes during the summer, but with it being just a few days after Christmas it’s all a bit excessive. I’m running low on milk and I don’t even know what time shops open and as I need lactose free variety I can’t just go to my local corner shop (which is BTW not on the corner at all).

I spent yesterday trying new effects in PicsArt and I am mildly pleased with the results. I mean, what I achieved is not perfect and I managed to make the image a bit grainy, which is not good of course, but the general idea is there: abstract shapes, lines, pattern and colours – all that I ever wanted to have in art. I will not be putting this image on my Instagram but sharing it here will be good way of documenting my creative process. And this blog is all meant to be about documenting and recording.

Documenting my creative process

I would ideally like to go back to posting every day as it seems to make more sense if I use the blog for recording my thoughts and feelings but I’ll see how it goes as since I started creating my patterns words don’t come that easily to me, although I think it’s probably just temporary.

One thing that I noticed is that since I started doing my patterns, I experience much less negative emotions. I forgot to worry about the fact that my mum is coming towards the end of her life and how my life is going to look without her or about the fact that my brother may commit suicide. Those thoughts just don’t come to my mind any more, even though I feel slightly triggered, which I think is because my brain is still trying to work out how to work with all those images that I throw at it.

However, I continue to sleep well. Last week was a bit worse but the last two nights I slept full eight hours, without even waking up. I am back on doing exercises from Sleep School app. I was sure that my subscription was going to run out on the 1st of January, but the app is still working. I’d certainly pay to have access to it but if it works without me spending money on it that is certainly a nice thing.

4 responses to “I wish for an ordinary day”

  1. Where Bank Holidays in the United Kingdom come from:

    One of the first holidays I knew about is Lady Day [25 March] – that is the day of Mary.

    and a lot of them come from the Common calendar [eg the Early May one and the Summer one].

    The Summer Bank Holiday is connected with Whitsun in history.

    but not necessarily the more secularised ones like Christmas [observed] and New Year [observed].

    Workers „bank up” those holidays in their annual allotment.

    And there are three other Bank Holidays which are on or around the 25th – the summer and winter ones may or may not be about the solstice and equinox [which would be June and December respectively – and the September one].

    The university and school terms are arranged around these holidays. Or across them.

    Also it was actual bankers and people in the finance industry who lobbied for these holidays. That was in the Middle Ages/early Modern period. Around the time England and Scotland became the United Kingdom [which is to say the early 1800s].

    [A rhyme: „The man in the counting house…”].

    [and it seems to have been the Financial Dealings Act in 1971 which changed the holidays around].

    [and this was after a trial period in 1965 – 1970 – I do wonder how those people felt].

    So this may be even more of a muddle of an explanation.

    There is at least one historical explanation and another non-concrete one…


    1. Oh thank you, that is interesting. I really appreciate your effort 🙂


      1. And then I found out the reason the bankers wanted their holidays.

        It was for the participation and attendance at village cricket matches – as of 1871!

        [Now cricket would take at least half a day – if not a whole day – of work

        and association football hadn’t been invented yet or codified – and if it were – it probably wasn’t played by bankers…]


      2. Oh, that’s another interesting fact – bankers wanted to play cricket! I wonder what they played in Poland. I don’t think cricket was popular there, at least we were never told about it in school. I’d think posh people in Poland focused on horse riding back then.


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