I wonder how long resting after two warehouse shifts can take. I didn’t work yesterday so I thought I’d be ok today but I think I’m even more tired. I wonder what that actually is: dyspraxia, that can apparently cause fatigue, peri menopause or maybe I suffer some kind of mild chronic fatigue syndrome? I say mild because I managed two shifts in a warehouse.

I didn’t even get out of bed properly today, even moving to a sofa seemed like too much trouble. I only have two teabags left and I decided I’m not going shopping today, I’d rather drink camomile that I bought sometime ago but rarely use.

I was thinking yesterday whether I don’t explain too many things by being autistic. After I got sacked from my last care job I had an idea that I can’t work in care because I’m autistic, and yet I worked there for like 10 years or maybe even more. Possiby if I really couldn’t do it, I knew that much earlier? Like yesterday I knew within 5 minutes I was not suitable to move pallets using pallet truck.

What I really cannot do is the politics and we had loads of that in my last job. So possibly I need to find a job that doesn’t have much of that and be ready to leave if I see the situation is changing for worse.

Some people, quite frankly, only seem to be coming to work to do politics and do the actual work on the side. Nothing I can do about it and I have a lesson now that if this is happening it’s time to move.

I may be somehow reluctant to change, all the things that need to be done to change job seem so overwhelming that I see it as easier to stay even if I don’t like it any more. So, to make things easier I decided to sign up to updated DBS service as long as I get my certificate.

I really need to remember for the future: if I don’t like my job it’s time to move. It applies to everyone, whether they’re autistic or not.

I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow, because today I really felt too tired to even make myself a drink. I finally made it like an hour later.

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