Night watchman and me

A few days ago, since I’m the only guest in the hostel, I realised there is a night watchman coming at 10pm. Well, realised is probably not the right word as the receptionist told me about him but the way she said that made me think… oh well, it looks like I’m jumping to conclusion.

So the receptionist is here Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm and if you want to check in at other times it needs to be prearranged. The building is in the middle of a larger area surrounded by a metal fence.

So the receptionist said that: a night watchman comes at 10pm and closes the gate but there is a number on the gate to call if you come back later and he’ll come and open it for you.

‘Comes and closes the gate’ means to me he leaves after he closed it.

‘There is a number on the gate’ means to me it must be a different number than the reception number. If it was the same number she’d just say ‘the reception number is on the gate’ and because it wouldn’t make sense to put a different landline number it must be mobile. Still, the fact I misinterpreted didn’t even come to me when I once looked for that mobile number (I thought it would be accompanied by a note saying ‘after 10pm call…’) and couldn’t find it.

And then ‘he’ll come and open it for you’ could only mean, together with what I already stated, he comes from outside!

So I was pretty perplexed when, as I was in the communal room last week, resting on the sofa, a man came in just before 10pm! I must say it made me somehow scared. What an irony that a presence of security staff scared me!

Otherwise the hostel is pretty cool and I must say I was really lucky to get it. I only pay for the bed but didn’t have to share the room with anyone once. It would be really difficult with all my anxieties, insomnia and sc thoughts at times if I have to share with another person so it is a glimpse of good luck in what’s happening to me lately.

If you ever need a budget accommodation in Tomaszów I’d really recommend it. I actually forgot the official name but everyone calls the place Przystań so you can just say you’re looking for the ‘hostel na Przystani’ And people will tell you how to get there.

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