Mum was rather alert today, which is good of course. She complained mildly about the staff in the care home, which is also good as she likes complaining in general so if she didn’t I’d worry she’s getting dementia and, as the complain was nothing significant, I assume she’s happy there.

I was told today I need to make appointments to see her and it can only be allowed in the visiting room, even though she still is alone in her bedroom. So I made an appointment for Wednesday, which is in two days time.

I asked mum again what she wants to do when her contract in this care home is up (it’s signed for 6 months) and she again said she doesn’t know so I asked her to think about it. At least she doesn’t say she wants to be back in our family home as this is not possible.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about all of that. I’m not terribly convinced I want her to live with me again. I guess I just need to see how things are working out.

My mum definitely doesn’t have Asperger’s but I sometimes think she may have ADD (like ADHD but without hyperactivity), she has natural talent for missing the point: doesn’t understand what is being said exacty, misinterprets what’s on the news, has problems with filling in forms. We are pretty much completely different. I am much more like my late dad. I do admit I would at times want her to be more like me, but better and more established, so that I could live up to her.

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