My future job

I spent significant amount of time reading online about being put on DBS barred list.

I was, at some point, looking at it as a way of moving on from working in care but I decided it’s not what I really want. It would be like the mistake I made while being under stress meant I’m not a caring person. It would mean like I’m not a caring person because I’m autistic. The fact I’m not very social doesn’t mean I’m not caring although I at times express my caring qualities in a different way that neurotypical people do, by finding faults in procedures and equipment. This is not always appreciated by neurotypical colleagues but now I suddenly feel like I want to find an employer who would support me with being myself, the same like I found way of advocating for myself: by being authentic in speaking up about my problems and emotions.

I’ll try to call the DBS service tomorrow and see if I can find out anything.

I want to be back in the UK.

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