I was diagnosed with schizophrenia

OK, so that happened in Poland a few years ago. I love Poland but some other the standards in psychiatric care… I really hope the same would not happened where I live now.

So basically, after I travelled to Poland from the UK, on my first day of hallucinating, I did see psychiatrist there. Initially I was told it’s psychotic episode but when I finally ended up in hospital a few months later, which I believe was on the same day I withdrawn my case from Employment Tribunal (I really do not fancy checking those old emails just to confirm the date) I was eventually told there I have schizophrenia.

For clarification one needs to have symptoms for six months to be diagnosed schizophrenic, while my psychotic episode last around 10 days. But a few months later I was still telling the same story: I took The Company to employment tribunal and they claimed my diagnosis was private, while it was on NHS. It was easier for doctors to believe that I’m having delusions than admit that that story could have actually happened, especially to someone with autism spectrum disorder.

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