Early morning, Saturday

Mum asked me to get her mobile fixed for her and I did but I’m not sure now it was a good idea. My brother will be calling her and demanding money and getting things organised. But then, what I was supposed to say? She’s an adult, adults have mobiles.

A couple of days ago mum told me to go to the neighbour, this one who’s just building a house, and ask him to fix our roof, stay there as he’s doing that and pay him. I said no. Why do I have to do that for my brother when I have other things to organise and he’s not even bothered? Oh, maybe he is bothered, enough to bully us to do things for him, but not enough to do them himself.

The Boyfriend is praising me for getting things organised and I think, yes, I did do a lot. The most important thing is that mum has quality care.


It’s early morning and I feel a bit low. I had enough sleep as I also managed two naps yesterday. It’s been the 4th night when I didn’t wake up with anxiety so I guess I should be ok but I want to be back at home, in my flat in Swindon.

I’m wondering for a bit how is that lady who came here to have a rest. I hope she managed to sleep ok. I also realised that I used to have that colleague who left the job without having anything else organised and she later found employment in M&S cafe. So it’s not impossible to find a job that is not in care, even if one was working in care for a bit. I don’t think I’d like to work in a cafe though, too social. Hopefully I’ll find something else.

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