Universal credit

It’s been 28 days today since I left the UK and my universal credit payments has been stopped. It feels sad and unfair as, if I had to leave to another town in the UK to do the same that I do here I would be ok.

I don’t think I’m even sad for the money, I know that at the end I will be ok. I’m more sad about the fact that once again my story haven’t been heard, that my personal circumstances haven’t been taken into consideration.

If I didn’t lose my ID card I’d need to go back home today and I’m nowhere near ready. I didn’t spend enough time with mum, I didn’t make sure she’s alright in her new place and it’s only been 2 nights since I stopped waking up full of anxiety. I’m not ready to go back and I feel like my feelings and my personal circumstances are not valid for the system that I am part of.


If my ID comes back next Wednesday, I should be able to leave a few days later.

I’m in a park now, the same one where I took photos of outdoor art. It’s really nice in here.

In moments like this I wish I could stay here forever. I wish I didn’t have to leave in the first place.

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