Worried sick at 2am

I just woke up. I fall asleep at 10pm so it’s 4h of sleep. Enough that I don’t get an episode but a bit little to be well rested.

I’m worried, what if I never get a job again. What if my mum needs me and I won’t even be able to afford a flight ticket and accommodation. I can’t stay in our family home any more.

What if her bank never refunds what she lost as a result of the fraud? But I couldn’t make any different decision, could I?

I filled in a test for a job in ALDI yesterday. I don’t know how it went as the results were not provided but it made me think everything is done rather fast there and I’m not sure I could manage with my (possible) dyspraxia. But there are jobs out there that I could do, I’m sure. I just need to be more positive and keep looking.


I really hope my mum will like her new care home. That’s why I’m doing all of this for, to make her happy in her final years. I regret that it had to come to that that I lost my job before started this blog. As I said, I wanted to be heard but never said anything important. That job was like that glass jar that gives me security but severely limits me at the same time. I was, at times, quite challenging for my manager and I think this is why I had to go, not because of the final misconduct.

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