Joy of Redecor

After having quite a bit of time with almost no playing it seems I’m back in the game and really enjoying creating those ‘too much’ images. So please do not tell me that they are too much because I already know that and if the number of 10th places I managed to achieve didn’t put me off, your words never will 😀

It’s 20.08 in my hostel and I’ve heard someone opening the door, but I’ve never seen anyone inside except of the receptionist. It’s really quiet now, music stopped playing around an hour ago. I keep thinking I feel guilty that I didn’t supervise mum with how she was managing her money. It still wouldn’t prevent the smaller loses but at least we could avoid the bigger ones. Unless I’d supervise her very closely and check every few days what she was doing with her money, but then, who thought? In a couple of days it may turn out It’s the biggest crime of this kind in the entire country.


I remember how highly mum used to speak about that staff ‘Mrs J. is very good, I always try to speak with her.’ She was OK withdrawing or paying in with somebody else but all the saving accounts and other issues were always managed by Mrs J. Why wasn’t I more proactive? But then, seriously, who thought?

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