‘The Company’

My post in Status quo about Home Group (aka The Company) is still up and I’m not psychotic. I only posted about it as I was under enormous stress, on one side I had my mum, the fraud, power of attorney and me trying to work out whether I should tell my mum that she will be paying for her care home from her own savings, on the other there were my emails to various organisations that didn’t get any response. And can I actually use the expression ‘on one side… on the other’ here? I think I’m translating directly from Polish, but never mind, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Mr Henderson (aka The CEO) didn’t contact me or my psychiatric nurse (I gave him the details several weeks ago). I guess he’s hoping no one reads my blog and quite frankly, he’s probably right.

That’s why I wanted to tell you once again, if you’re up against narcissistic colleague focus on looking for the way out.

Adventure park is full of kids today and their parents walk just outside my window! Good that I have the net curtain, it would be difficult without it.

It’s a really nice place in general.

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