Nice weather

Except of the day that I spent in Kraków on the way to my family home this is the first day with a really good weather. I spent quite a lot of time walking outside but every now and then had to come back indoors. I don’t really understand that, it feels that being outside, around nature like here, really helps me on days like today, when I’m in the shutdown mode, and yet I want to come back indoors.

The staff that I spoke to in mum’s bank in Piotrków Trybunalski said that we’ll get the money back based on a statement of how much is missing. Mum didn’t collect all the confirmations and we only have 3 proofs that her money was stolen (and one that her account was used to steal from another lady). I guess that’s better than nothing at all and at least it looks like the bank finally noticed that something was not ok. First time I informed them that mum’s money doesn’t add up was 7th of September last year so almost a year ago and first 9 months they didn’t take much notice at all, even when we were showing them our evidence. It looks like what happened later was they finally opened their eyes when the police got involved. To make a long story short I am not impressed.


What suprises me though is that I never had any bad feeling about that lady that was stealing. It is said, and I think it’s true (up to a point), that autistics have instinct about people. Even though we can’t read face expressions very well, we ‘know’ if someone is a bad person. In that lady’s case I had no idea and I was with mum in the bank quite a few times.

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