What is the truth about fraud?

Now, after several hours, I started wondering if it’s possible that that lady from the bank stole such a large sum of money from people and no one noticed, and then the victims suddenly started appearing one after the other after we informed the police?

Maybe she only stole a couple of hundreds from the most vulnerable, and she thought my mum was one of them? Possibly police has a psychologist there who instructed the policeman to say those exact things, so that me, with my mental health issues and autism, and my mum who didn’t have an easy life, didn’t feel bad about being chosen as victims?


Suddenly that makes much more sense, but because no one confirmed it as truth, I still feel better about it, plus I can say that to my mum and she’ll feel proud for being that hero who got the bank lady to lie to her about bank’s products on the phone while I was recording them.

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