Not sleeping

I got around 2h of sleep so far. I’m worried about what I’m going to find out when I go to mum’s bank. We didn’t have any control over what was happening with her money when she was in the UK, with me.

What if even more got stolen? Obviously it would then be easy to prove it wasn’t her as she was not in the country but I’d have even more problems to deal with.

One more sleep to power of attorney (except of tonight).

I still didn’t decide if I should stay here or go to Łódź to a hostel and then just commute if I have something to do in Tomaszów. It is a bit of financial trouble, now, when I’m not working, but also it feels in a way that staying here makes me better realise what’s happening with my brother. So far I was somehow disconnected from it. I mean, yes, obviously I knew he was drinking but somehow didn’t think much about it. It was my mum who was always dealing with consequences of his behaviour and possibly even protecting me from it.

So when I’m here it seems more real, possibly this is what I need. So that I remembered it all well when I’m in the UK.

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