Money for food

My brother asked me if I can give him some money for food for the house. It was a bit strange as it was me who was buying food so far, so it made me think,what he would eat if I wasn’t in (although I presume he ate something outside of the house too during this time).

I gave him 10PLN. That should cover the cost of small loaf of bread, cheese spread or jam and a can of cheap beer. I wonder whether he’ll bring any food in at all.


I also wonder if I cope any beter with this if I wasn’t autistic. It feels like I should be getting support but instead I am being exploited. But what support it could be? There isn’t any anywhere.

Power of Attorney is on Wednesday morning, so just over two days. I hope after that I’ll be able to sort out everything quickly and I can go back to the UK.

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