Smardzewice again

I feel a bit better after spending the day out of the house and doing things. My mind is clearer, however I’m not sure this is the type of clarity I was looking for: I realised that by keeping my mum in a care home I don’t solve the real problem, and the real problem is my brother and his drinking.

Obviously my brother’s drinking is not something that I can solve. He actually went for detox about 3 years ago, it took my mum 2 years to organise it through court as my brother didn’t want to go, and apparently when being taken by the police, he said that on the way back he’s going to buy a bottle of vodka and drink it as soon as possible, which he did. I don’t remember now what my mum said apart from that but I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back drunk.

It’s not fair to remove my mum from the house. It’s my brother who should be removed, but the thing is she’ll let him back the moment he comes back knocking.

I don’t want to make this decision.


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