Neuroplasticity course

I did start neuroplasticity course from Brain Academy sometime ago. I did think for a little bit, maybe it will make me less autistic 😄😃

I quickly understood that although the course had no power to do that it could at least offer us a different perspective. Hate shopping? Next time you have to go to a supermarket imagine you’re doing neuroplasticity exercise 🙂 things should become this tiny bit easier.

In the meantime I contacted Brain Academy to ask what we, autistics, can expect from the course. Today I received a response from Gregory Caremans, the founder. I do appreciate how honest and straightforward he was:


Hello Magda,
Apologies for the delayed response. But here I am…
So, the thing is, none of our courses are meant as therapeutic tools. They weren’t designed in that way, and more importantly, haven’t been tested or validated in any clinical trials.
I do not want to create the impression that our courses could do things which they most probably don’t. The Neuroplasticity course is, in essence, a course about habits and how to break free of our comfort zone. It helps create more mental flexibility to take on new projects and challenges, or get out of negative habits.
It is in my opinion highly unlikely to be capable of helping people on the spectrum. I have no expertise in autism and don’t claim to. However, if someone on the spectrum wishes to work on changing their habits, the course could help, in the same way it helps people who are not diagnosed with autism.
But that’s not related to autism
Kind regards

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