Magda’s dating advice 2

I often see a question on online autism groups: How do I meet somebody?

Well, I met my partner on Plenty of Fish (does this website still exist?). I was at the time on a dating scene for like 5 years so don’t despair people!

We didn’t meet in person for quite a while, but only exchanging emails. It was him who couldn’t make himself to arrange a date and when I finally demanded an answer he said he’s waiting for an Asperger’s diagnosis… and this way I’m now also diagnosed and bringing my dating knowledge to you.


First of all, you really need to remember, and I mean everyone, is to see dating as an infinite game (yes, the infinite games again!), that means, focus on connection instead of on ‘finding someone’. Relationship is a result of connection, not the other way round. And then, when you have this bit sorted, give it time.

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