Infinite games – The Company example

I used to be obsessed with revealing The Company name. It’s not like something can happen to me, is it? The truth is on my side – I used to tell myself.

At the same time I used to be petrified to tell anyone about what happened, even my psychiatric nurse. I thought that The Lady would find out and punish me for it. And somehow revealing The Company name, possibly in prominent newspaper or even on TV, was a solution that my mind came up with, the way to deal with my fear.

I also wanted to use my story to advocate for the support we, autistics, need. It took me ages to understand that revealing who The Company is won’t do the trick.

People sometimes say: ‘you need to think long term’ and I say: ‘what does that mean?’. I know that bills need to be paid before spending on entertainment, but in this situation, I had completely no idea. I know now: I need to play the infinite game.

Revealing their name is the ‘win’ and winning ends the game, remember?

The Company is otherwise known as Home Group

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