Infinite games part 2

What about them, you may want to ask. What I am just about to say applies to your entire life but I’ll give you a particular example: have you ever been guilty of ‘infodumping’? I mean the situation when you throw everything you know about discussed subject on the person you’re speaking to. Even if it takes you like 47 minutes and then that person never talks to you again?

I never managed to understand why that would put people off me and, quite frankly, on a social level I still don’t know. Sharing information is fun, isn’t it? But on a game level I understand it now.

I wonder if we need more patterns

Basically sharing all the information regarding the subject used to be my win. And what happens when you win a game? It’s over and you need to start another one.

However, the infinite game doesn’t have a winner and it’s purpose is to keep playing. Think about life like that and it will change your perspective completely.

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